Volunteer Opportunities

The following is a list of potential projects needed to be done around the Museum. If you have an interest to participate or wish to fund one of these projects, please contact the Museum


  • Landscaping around Buildings
  • Repair and paint Chuck Wagon
  • Paint School House Bell Tower
  • Power wash small garage
  • Walkway to the Gas Station
  • Repair back porch of the Church
  • Paint and hang new front doors to the Church
  • Repair and paint bleachers
  • Repair and paint picnic tables
  • Caulk and paint Church windows
  • Reseal windows of the Heritage Building
  • Paint Mailbox
  • Make new signage for exhibits
  • Signage for outside of each building
  • Sort and organize exhibits of south balcony (Display Building)
  • Second coat of paint on School House


  • Lights and power to Pole Shed
  • Build covered walk way over the main entry doors and overhangs over the other entry doors (Grant money of $2,500 has been provided)
  • Build pavilion in center square behind Heritage Building similar to one covering the Sawmill